Friday, July 1, 2011

CANFEST 2011 Blogger Contest Announcement!

Annnnnnnnnnd we’re back! CANFEST returns for its 3rd year of bringing all that delicious beer you find in a can to the masses. This time we’re aiming for the stars- we’ve got a new venue in downtown Reno, we’re expanding to a beer dinner awards ceremony on top of the CANFEST extravaganza, and of course, we’re going to once again make one beer blogger very happy with a trip to Reno to drink canned beer with us!

Last year we had the honor of bringing out Josh from Lost in the Beer Aisle. He was pretty rad.

Because of how great the response and experience was regarding the contest, we’re going to re-vamp it and present the same offer to beer bloggers in 2k11!

So here’s the deal:
July 1st thru September 15th we’re offering those with an established beer blog (meaning you didn’t build a blog simply to participate in this contest) an opportunity to write one blog post, centered on why they deserve to come to CANFEST. We are very partial to creativity and humor. Once your blog post is live, send the link back to my email with an appropriate subject line.
Once we’ve got the compiled list of blog posts, we will host each link on a protected online survey, open it for votes, and pick a winner based on votes. The winner will be flown to Reno for the weekend and have the opportunity to attend all of CANFEST’s festivities. We will put you up for Friday and Saturday night, give you a complimentary ticket to the beer dinner and CANFEST event, and grace you with our presence of awesomeness.

So now you’ve got the details- on your mark, get set, GO!

Cheers and happy writing!


  1. Is it open to international beer bloggers as I love your craft canned scene but live and blog in the uk?

  2. Hi Baron! Unfortunetly we've got to limit the plane ticket to a U.S. participant. We really wish we could make an exception for you, however. Thank you for your interest and we will keep opening up the contest to overseas participants in strong mind for next year. Happy drinking!

  3. Thanks for the reply shame as I'd love to attend as I'm really into the canned craft ale scene but there's not much of it around in the UK.

    If you ever want to send some samples over for review by the baron then please feel free to get in touch! ;)

  4. I have a blog that's not entirely focused on beer - it's mostly travel and mountain biking. But I've written about brews from Auckland to Reykjavik, and about craft breweries in my home state. Is that still kosher by your rules?

  5. When and where is canfest this year?

    I hope Surly DOESN'T show up on time like last year so I can buy cases of their beer again at $1 a pop!


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