Friday, September 3, 2010

The Can-o-lution is Almost here!

CANFEST is right around the corner. Ah, we just cannot wait to have one full evening of the greatest canned breweries in the world together in one room serving out their delicious brews.

In case you're curious of who's coming, here is the list of our 100% solid, attending breweries:
21st Amendment Brewing Co
Uncommon Brewers
High Noon Saloon and Brewery
Maui Brewing Co
Mammoth Brewing Co
Anderson Valley Brewing Co
Mudshark Brewing Co
Caldera Brewing Co
Buckbean Brewing Co
Four Peaks Brewing Co
Capital Brewery
Northwoods Brewing Co
Rochester Mills Brewing Co
Surly Brewing Co
MillKing It Productions

There are plenty more to come, we just don't want to tease anyone until everything is set in stone.

Also, we're holding a contest to send one lucky blogger to Reno for CANFEST.
The deadline for entries was yesterday, and now the voting has begun!

Click here to choose your favorite

To view the entries before voting, all the links below will guide you to them:

Josh, Lost in the Beer Isle

Jim, Beer and Whiskey Brothers

Scott, The Beer Snob

Sean, Beer Search Party

Greg, Pour Curator

Rebecca, Calipidder

Stephen, Definitive Ale

Mark, Atattooedtale

Tickets for CANFEST are now on sale on the Grand Sierra Resort's website
$30 gets you a tasting glass, unlimited tastings, expo access, food samples, and a grand ol hoppy time!

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