Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Return of CANFEST!

Alright folks, here is it.
The official announcement of CANFEST 2010

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Contact: Constance Aguilar, Abbi Public Relations or 775-232-3977

Buckbean Brewing brings CANFEST to Reno
Dozens of brewers from across the country will showcase unique beers at Grand Sierra Resort

RENO, NV (June, 2010) — Buckbean Brewing will once again turn Reno, Nev. into the center of the canned microbrew universe this October, as it puts on CANFEST – Reno International Canned Beer Festival, the world’s first canned beer festival, for a second straight year.

Dozens of breweries from around the world will converge on Reno’s Grand Sierra Resort and Casino on October 9, offering up their canned creations to beer enthusiasts from around the region. The heavy hitters of canned microbrewing — names like Oskar Blues, New Belgium and Bohemian Brewing — showed up last year, as well as a large selection of small craft can breweries like Mudshark, Uncommon Brewers and Surly Brewing in addition to international beers from Europe, Asia and North American. Buckbean Brewing co-founder Dough Booth said he expects almost all brewers from last year to return. Winners of a judged canned beer competition will be announced the night before the event at an awards dinner.

CANFEST is both a recognition of the fast-growing popularity of canned craft beer and a celebration of the benefits of the aluminum cylinder. Long regarded as a symbol of inferior beer, the can has come into its own in recent years as beer drinkers realize that cans offer superior protection from sunlight and oxygen infiltration, and the containers are much more portable and environmentally friendly than their glass counterpart.

The notion that world-class beer can be delivered in a can has caught on, and now the number of microbrews offering canned beer is growing at an astonishing rate. In 2002 the first microbrewery began canning craft beer; today over 52 microbreweries offer their brews in a can, according to the National Brewers Association.

And as the canned beer craze continues to catch on, organizers expect CANFEST to expand.

“It was our first event last year, so it was pretty local, but I think that will start changing,” said Buckbean Brewing Co-founder Doug Booth, of CANFEST’s growing audience.

Buckbean, the largest production microbrewery in Western Nevada, started canning unique microbrews in Reno in 2008. Their beer — from a crisp, dark German Schwarzbier called the Black Noddy Lager to the unique Original Orange Blossom Ale and the rich, hearty Tule Duck Red Ale — represents co-founders Doug Booth and Dan Kahn’s outside-of-the-box thinking on everything from brewing ingredients to the container the beer is packaged in — 16-oz. beer cans.

CANFEST was just a natural outgrowth of Buckbean’s enthusiasm for great beer in a can.

“I think every other town or brewery has a beer festival. Some have music; some have food; some have judging. They all seemed fairly similar. We wanted to create something unique,” said Booth.

For more information on CANFEST contact Constance Aguilar from Abbi Public Relations at or by calling 775.323.2977. For more information on Buckbean Brewing visit


  1. 所有的資產,在不被諒解時,都成了負債............................................................

  2. Man I hope Surly brings Furious, Abrasive, and Oscar Blues brings Gubna. Those three beers are worth the price alone.

  3. Never mind. The University of Nevada has sabotaged this event by changing the time of the football game to during the event.

    Go Nevada, that's some economic cannabalism!


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