Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Valentine's Day Gift Bags from Buckbean Brewing Company and Sweets Candy Company

So you skipped the crowded parking lots and ugly lines at the mall, scored some Christmas boxes at Buckbean, and got some presents that someone really appreciated. Good for you, and well deserved pat on the back!

But now another shopping conundrum looms ominously: Valentines Day!

No worries. Once again, Buckbean has you covered, with style and convenience. Working with our fine local chocolatier at Sweets candy company, we have created a fun and delicious gift idea for you.

Our Valentine gift bags contain 1 can each of our year round canned beers (OOBA, Tule Duck Red Ale, and Black Noddy Lager), each paired with 2 different gourmet truffles from Sweets, and a Buckbean pint glass to share the beer. This isn't just candy for Valentine's, this is an amazing, decadent, intimate tasting experience that will truly enhance your Valentine pleasures.

Enjoy a floral lavender truffle, and a sweet and spicy chocolate-chili truffle with the bright and aromatic OOBA; a savory sea salt caramel and a black cherry truffle with the full, herbal Tule Duck Red Ale; a cappuccino truffle and a hazelnut truffle with the smoky, smooth Black Noddy Lager, all for just $18.

And the best part is, you get to do your shopping at your favorite brewery!

The bags are available for purchase at the brewery. And while you're at it, you can sample some of our tasty brews on tap, including the return of Adaven IPA!

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