Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Attention all beer bloggers!

We at Buckbean believe that the online beer community is the most underrated and, at times, unappreciated group of beer enthusiasts and experts out there. Since canning our first beer a little over two years ago, we have one group of people to thank for helping us accomplish a great reputation all over the US- and that’s the group of the dedicated and highly opinionated bloggers and online journalists who gladly accepted our free samples and press release sendouts.

Because of the mutual loyalties we’ve established with the community of thirsty critics, and the endless amounts of coverage and support they’ve given our brewery, we’d like to offer a little something back to them.

But, it doesn’t come without a little work. We like to see you sweat.

Here’s the deal:

In 2009, the owners of Buckbean came to the realization that the perks of canning beer are beyond what the public understands, and that the most effective way to spread the gospel of canned beer would be to conduct a competition and tasting festival. This year, we expect to draw 50+ craft breweries from around the world to compete and participate in the celebration of canned beer. We're working on building it into an event similar to the sold-out festivals and beer gatherings, as well as being looked at as a sort of landmark in the culture of beer.

The event is CANFEST, one that many of you are already familiar with (thanks for all the love last year, by the way!). This year it’s back, and we’ve got plans to make it bigger and better than ever. Additions are being made left and right to help build the event into a must attend for beer fanatics. And that’s where you come in!

Want to attend as well? Cool, I bet you do.

Starting now and lasting until the 1st week of September, we’re offering those with an established beer blog (meaning you didn’t build a blog simply to participate in this contest) an opportunity to write one blog post, centered on why they deserve to come to CANFEST. We are very partial to creativity and humor. Once your blog post is live, send the link back to my email with an appropriate subject line.

Once we’ve got the compiled list of blog posts, we will post every link to our blog and filter via social networks, and pick a winner based on votes. The winner will be flown to Reno for the weekend and have the opportunity to attend all of CANFEST’s festivities and even be a guest judge during the competition portion. Yes, we will feed you too.

So now you’ve got the details- on your mark, get set, GO!

Cheers and happy writing!

Constance Aguilar


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